Cardinals’ Kolb Gets All the Wednesday Reps


Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb apparently took all the reps today at practice at the Cardinals complex in preparation for this week’s game against the Dallas Cowboys.  Although nothing was confirmed, clearly this shows Kolb is ready to go and will be the starter this Sunday.  It’s about time.  Kolb hasn’t played since injuring his tow against the Baltimore Ravens on October 30th.  He missed four games in all, with the Cards going 3-1 during that span.  The Cards may have done well without him but they do need him back.  For his own sake, Kolb needs to return now.  No bigger stage than home against the Cowboys.

This game will show how much rust has worn on Kolb in his absence.  How will we be able to tell the difference between rust and how he really is though?  You probably won’t be able to determine that from just this game unless there is great improvement.  I do have to say though, after  John Skelton’s performance last weekend, anything would amount to an improvement.  Skelton, although he won, was disappointing to watch.  He sailed a lot of balls over receivers heads.

Kolb has been known to over throw a receiver or two, but we need to see what he is made of over these last five games.  No matter how he performs, he will probably start next season as the starter, so don’t expect the Cards to change course in the off-season to someone else if he can’t generate enough wins in these last five games.

It should be interesting to see what he can accomplish against a good team like Dallas, especially coming off injury.  He doesn’t need to be a world beater this week.  Just come out and rely on his supporting cast.  If Beanie Wells can do even half what he did against the St. Louis Rams, they should be fine and so should Kolb.