Maybe if Arizona Cardinals Kevin Kolb Praised God Like Tim Tebow


The national media loves Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.  He might be one of the worst overall quarterbacks in the NFL’s modern era.  Sure, he wins, but it’s not all him.  He had a good defense behind him and he is unconventional.  He is a winner, no doubt.  At the end of the day all that matters is the bottom line – wins and losses.  No one cares how you got there.  Well, mostly no one.  Unless you are an Arizona Cardinals fan.  You see, Kevin Kolb can do no right in the fans eyes.  Kolb could go out and throw for 400 yards and three touchdowns.  However, if the defense goes out and gets burned and the Cards blow a lead, then it’s Kolb’s fault.  Of course if he plays horrible, goes 3-10 with three picks and the Cards still win the game 16-13, well all people want to do is lament that yes it was a win, but Kolb was awful.  You see, Tebow doesn’t get that kind of treatment.  Kolb’s problem is he doesn’t spend the first 90 seconds of an interview giving grace to God and oh and he’s not as flashy as Tebow.

People think I have a personal thing for Tebow.  Hey, I think he’s overrated and I wish people would take the wool over their eves and see Tebow can’t stay for the long haul at the quarterback position.  As athletic as he is, I agree there should be a place for him in the NFL though.  I don’t have anything personal against Tebow.  I just wish people would give the same attention to other players who are better than him on the field.  As a person, there may not be a better player in the NFL.  As a player, there are many better.  If we are going to talk NFL football, I don’t need to listen to Tim Tebow.  If you want to have me listen to a seminar on praising God and being the nicest guy in the world, then bring me Tebow.

Fact is, Kolb has not played well this season.  We know that.  We get that.  I think people have been quicker to hate on Kolb though than to love Tebow.  It didn’t take people long to bring the love to Tebow and this was in the context of an NFL football game, not in the context of life.  Kolb’s problem is he just doesn’t  take the time to become the likeable guy like Tebow has.  That’s not his fault though.  Kolb actually does seem like a good guy, he just doesn’t flash it in front of your face and that is the media’s fault.

The media loves Tebow.  Denver fans love Tebow.  How long will it be before they turn on him though once he starts losing?  Honestly his numbers already aren’t winning numbers.  He has a nice supporting cast.  If Kolb were doing what Tebow was doing, I still think people in Arizona would gripe.  The proof is in last week’s win against the St. Louis Rams.

The Cards beat the Rams 23-20.  Since Kolb was out, John Skelton played in his place.  Skelton played pretty bad.  He was not the reason they won.  The defense and Beanie Wells were the reasons the Cards won.  However, all people could reflect on though was the play of Skelton saying we won, great, but….yeah nothing but buts.  We won, be happy.  That’s all Denver has cared about five out of six games Tebow has won this season in his starts.  Let’s just care about the bottom line.

We also need to start giving some patience to Kolb.  He isn’t leading this team to the playoffs this season.  The true measuring stick comes next season.  Kolb will come back from injury this Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys.  He may not play that great.  I’m sure people expect it.  However, how about we start giving Kolb as much slack as we give Tebow, especially since Kolb is an NFL quarterback and Tebow is not?