Arizona Cardinals Should Have No Quarterback Controversy


Once again, I sit here and defend Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb.  Why are people so dang impatient?  We waited 20 years for a winner in Arizona.  From 1988-2008, no division titles.  Then we win two in a row and we all get so spoiled.  Why can’t we wait one more?  When Kolb went down with an injury after starting 1-6, John Skelton came in.  He’s certainly done more than an admirable job filling in, going 5-1 in his games.  Kolb has won the one game he’s played since returning and then getting injured again.  Kolb still, in my opinion, has not done enough to lose the job.  His second half against the Dallas Cowboys was great.  That was the type of Kolb we were expecting to see all along.  As for Skelton, he’s shown he can play in this league.

My problem is I’m not sure Skelton is a quarterback ready for full time NFL.  Now, Kolb has not proven it full time either, so I give you that.  However the Cards did not trade away a player and a draft pick for Skelton and then give him a salary fit for a king.  So, I ask, where is the controversey if Kolb is healthy?  If things go south for Kolb, at least now Coach Ken Whisenhunt can feel comfortable bringing in Skelton without reservation.

Competition is good and I expect there to be some in camp next July and August, however, for now, you have to go with the guy that has the experience of being on a team in the playoffs if they are still in the hunt and he is healthy.  Sorry, it just has to be that way and if he performs well, the job is his.  Kolb’s price was too large to ignore.  You will never gain any consistency with Kolb by creating a controversy.

Now I agree, having two capable quarterbacks is never a bad problem to have.  However you have to choose one and move on.  Right now, it just can’t be Skelton as the choice – IF Kolb is healthy.  Clearly, if he is not 100 percent, then the clear cut guy should be Skelton.  If Kolb jumps out to a 1-6 start next season, then you got yourself some issues.  Let’s also please ignore the calls of “well all the rookies picked up their systems faster than Kolb.”  Ok, let’s be real about that too.  First, Cam Newton, Christian Ponder, guys like that – they all got their playbooks while the league was not in a lockout before it was back on again.  Kolb did come to the Cards until after camp opened.  He missed the first several days of camp.

I will be the next one to jump on the Skelton bandwagon, next season, if things go south in a hurry for Kolb after a full off-season.  Promise.  Right now, please exercise some patience.  I realize it’s hard.  What do you as a fan have to lose though?  My way of thinking I realize is not popular and I’m not saying it’s right.  I am saying give it a chance though.  There are many out there who want to drop Kolb like yesterday’s garbage now and that my friends just absolutely makes no sense.  NONE.

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