Cardinals Fall Short in Pulling Off Christmas Eve Miracle Against the Bengals

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So there will be no playoffs this year, because truthfully, as good as the Cardinals defense has played in the second half of the season, when you lose six of your first seven games that you’ve played, it’s going to be awfully tough to recover enough to play in the postseason.  In fact, the game against the Bengals mirrored the entire season.

So the Cardinals will play one more game this season against the Seattle Seahawks (who also were eliminated from the playoffs), in front of their faithful fans in Glendale, hoping to get to .500.  And although the game will be meaningless from a playoff standpoint, the team hopefully can go out with a bang — and take some of the positives that were exhibited this year (the emergence of Calais Campbell and Darryl Washington as defensive stars, the excitement of Patrick Peterson, and the determined and forceful running of Beanie Wells) into next season.  And hopefully, with a healthy Kevin Kolb to throw to Larry Fitzgerald for all 16 games.