A Look Ahead to the 2012 Arizona Cardinals: Quarterback


The quarterback  is the most documented position in the NFL and it is no different with the Arizona Cardinals.  The Cards have been chasing quarterback ever since the retirement of Kurt Warner after the 2009 season/2010 playoffs.  There was Matt Leinart.  Fail.  There was Derek Anderson.  Fail.  There was Max Hall.  Fail.  Then there is John Skelton, a work in progress and finally Kevin Kolb, a work in progress.  Both Kolb and Skelton figure to be the number one and two quarterbacks in 2012 unless some other miracle takes place.

Skelton went 6-2 in his starts and Kolb 2-6, although it should be noted Kolb didn’t have everything to do with the losses and Skelton didn’t have everything to do with the wins.  The question now is who will be the starter in 2012. It will be one of those guys unless something comes about with the whole Peyton Manning thing, so in other words, get ready for a QB battle.

Skelton has come further quicker than I expected, so I give him that.  However, with the injuries Kolb had, you can’t dump all that money you paid for him unless you are getting a Manning.  Kolb will not be handed the job, no doubt.  He will be pushed and should be pushed.  I would not dismiss him though like so many Cardinals fans did this past season.  Be patient.  Let’s see what an off-season can do for Kolb.  Let’s see what a full off-season can do for Skelton.  I expect both of them to come out better players comes this August.

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