Get Your Cardinals Rumor On: Peyton Manning to be Released by Colts


The day has come.  Peyton Manning is parting ways with the Indianapolis Colts.  So now opens the doors to every Manning rumor that has existed since early January when it was first speculated that the Colts would not pick up Manning’s $28 million option.  The big question for Arizona Cardinals fans now is, are the Cards going to bite and try to go after him?  I say it’s worth the risk.  However, this IS the Cardinals we are talking about.  So, stay tuned.

Although it comes as no shock the Colts parted ways, until it is actually completed, there was always a chance he would be able to work something out with the Colts.  However, the writing has been on the wall since the season ended.  Manning, although independently cleared to play, was never cleared to resume football activities by the Colts.  Now, any team that takes a flyer on Manning will be looking to verify the validity of those independent results.  You can probably count at least a half dozen teams that have a legitimate shot at landing the future Hall of Fame quarterback, including the Cards.

The problem with the Cards is they have a quarterback option to make a decision on as well.  Kevin Kolb is due a $7 million option next week on the 17th.  There is the possibility they pick that option up as well as pursue Manning.  However, be cautioned, the Cards may not try as hard to land Manning should they decide to pick up that option on Kolb.  It is not like the Cards to invest a lot of money into a particular position, even quarterback.

It shall be interesting to see what transpires over the next week.  Whatever happens, it should be a fun ride on the rumor mill nonetheless.  I don’t see the Cards making an all-out effort for Manning unless they can generate proof Manning will be able to take the field this fall.  If there are any doubts during the courting period, I would expect the Cards to shy away.  Again, they just aren’t the kind of organization to take huge financial chances, especially after taking one last August with Kolb.