Arizona Cardinals Keeping Their Word on Extensions


For all the naysayers, a good point was brought up the other day by’s Darren Urban.  The last four players who have been publicly promised extensions by the organization, Adrian Wilson, Darnell Dockett, Larry Fitzgerald, and Calais Campbell, all got their extensions.  It is a good point to remember that when the Arizona Cardinals mention wanting to get something done, they are coming through.

You can’t complain about the extensions given.  They never promised Anquan Boldin and Karlos Dansby extensions, at least not publicly.  Sure, you could argue the Cards should have.  At the same time though, there is only so much money to go around.  Campbell was the latest recipient of an extension this week and it was well deserved.  Same could be said about the other four guys too.

All of those players have performed well eventually after their extensions.  Yes, it can provided added pressure, but Dockett, Fitzgerald, and Wilson have all been to Pro-Bowls since signing their contracts. The Cards we can finally say, are spending their money well.  There is no reason to believe Campbell will not continue that trend.