NFL Players Getting Into Trouble Nothing to do With Too Much Free Time


Minnesota governor Mark Dayton apparently thinks only NFL players can’t find ways to fill down time from the their profession.  Today he came out and said the reason for so many Minnesota Vikings arrests since 2011 has to do with too much time on their hands.  The Arizona Cardinals have only had one player with a run-in with the law this off-season.  Cards linebacker Clark Haggans spent time in a Pennsylvania jail back in June stemming from a 2011 DUI.  That had nothing to do with too much free time.

It doesn’t even matter what Dayton’s reasoning is.  There is no valid argument to make his point.  There are a lot of citizens in this country with too much free time on their hands.  It doesn’t mean that they are all getting arrested.  I play game on the internet, troll on Twitter and Facebook, and watch videos when I have too much time.  NFL players are like everyone else, a few bad apples and many good ones.

I see no reason why the governor even needs to make a statement?  Sure, there have been a lot of players with recent run-in’s with the law, however, they all have different charges, many due to circumstance rather than having too much free time.

It is frustrating I’m sure to see your team’s players continually find trouble.  Go ask the Detroit Lions fans.  I’m sure they are beside themselves.  Dallas Cowboys fans?  Sure.  We all have teams we cheer for that have had players with law run-in’s.  Life happens.  Too much free time is an unfair and cop out statement.