The Last Time the Arizona Cardinals Played in Foxboro


Being an Arizona Cardinals fan who lives in Connecticut, it’s not very often that I get to see the Cardinals play live. So back in December 2008, when the Cardinals played the New England Patriots, I was able to get a couple of tickets — and was very much looking forward to seeing the game at the stadium up in Foxboro.

As luck would have it, there was a huge snowstorm that blanketed New England that day – and I was unable to drive to the stadium, as many of the roads were impassable.

It turned out to be blessing in disguise, as I certainly would not have enjoyed being at the game that day.

For those who may not recall, it was the second to the last game of the regular season, and the Cardinals ended up getting blown out by the Patriots 47-7, in a game that was played in a driving snowstorm with the field blanketed with a white carpet of snow. Kurt Warner was 6-18 for a total of 30 yards, arguably the worst game he ever played.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt gave his team quite a tongue lashing after that game.  The Cardinals won their final game in Arizona against the Seahawks and made the playoffs with a 9-7 record — and then never looked back as they beat the Falcons, Panthers, and Eagles in the playoffs, coming a hairbreadth away from a Super Bowl victory against the Steelers.

With this year’s Cardinals game against the Patriots coming in September, there will be no chance of snow.  Hopefully, the outcome will be a little different, too.