All Signs Point To Arizona Cardinals Moving Camp from Flagstaff to Glendale


Jul. 28, 2012; Flagstaff, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb (4) gets ready to snap the ball during training camp practice on the campus of Northern Arizona University. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

While it certainly isn’t a bad thing for the City of Glendale and they could use all the revenue they can get their hands on, the Arizona Cardinals moving their training camp of the last 24 seasons from Flagstaff to Glendale is a lose-lose proposition for fans.  With the exception of the last second move to Prescott several years ago thanks to a water emergency at Northern Arizona University, the Cards have spent every camp in Flagstaff.

Last week Cards President Michael Bidwill suggested to a group he was speaking to that a move to Glendale was in the works.  Today, NAU released a statement basically confirming they worked hard to keep the Cards however it was not to be.  Their statement confirms what we all thought was going to happen, the Cards Camp 2013 will be at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale.

Yes, there will obviously be people that love the move, mainly because it means they don’t have to make the 140-mile trek up the hill to the pines. However, I’m no fan of the move.  It robs people of a trip to the cooler weather.  It robs the City of Flagstaff of roughly a $10 million shot to its economy.  It robs fans of the beautiful backdrop of the forest.

Yes, I realize the reasons why the Cards are making the move.  It’s all about money.  Yes at times in Flagstaff it seemed a bit overcrowded in the space given however the positives outweighed the negatives.  It just won’t be the same.  Just another big business getting in the way of its self.  It’s a shame.  I spent two of those camps working for the Cards.  It’s a great atmosphere.  Unfortunately it comes to an end.  Maybe Glendale does work out great for the Cards?  Maybe not.  However, it’s not Flagstaff.