Arizona Cardinals Hanging Out at the Free Agency Rumor Mill


Dec 2, 2012; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush (22) runs the ball against the New England Patriots in the second half at Sun Life Stadium.The Patriots defeated the Dolphins 23-16.. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals were linked to no less than five different rumors over the weekend into today as far as free agency goes.  Free agency starts tomorrow in what should be quite the interesting week.  Heck, around the NFL today was interesting enough for an entire week of news.  Wait till you see what happens tomorrow.  As far the Cards go, it all depends on which rumors you believe.

Let’s address the rumors here and now.  Some of them could come to fruition or be squashed tomorrow.

Reggie Bush – this rumor seems to have the most wheels to it.  Several sources throughout the NFL have been quoted as confirming the Cards interest in the running back.  The Detroit Lions seem to be the biggest competition for the Cards here.  With their offensive weapons, he may feel more comfortable there.

Carson Palmer – this can only be rumor as the Oakland Raiders would have to release him first.  Some think this would be an upgrade over Kevin Kolb.  In some senses maybe but since Kolb has already been here for two seasons and Palmer is interception prone, maybe he isn’t a much better fit.  Like I said though, all moot if the Raiders don’t release him.  Now Kolb on the other hand?  He’s due a $2 million roster bonus this Saturday.  Stay tuned on that front.

Sean Smith – I would say the Cards should only go after him if the plan is to allow Greg Toler to move on, otherwise stick with Toler.  It’s not that I don’t like Smith.  I just like guys who can play and already are in the system.  If they choose Smith over Toler though, well, then so be it.

Steven Jackson – this one kind of caught me by surprise.  He may end up costing too much though.  The Atlanta Falcons seem to be tops on his list.

Joshua Cribbs – believe it or not, this one makes the least sense to me.  Yes, he’s a receiver but he’s mainly a kick and punt returner.  The Cards already have Patrick Peterson returning punts.  I’d hate to pay the guy to only return kicks.  He only had seven receptions in 2012 after catching 43 balls in 2011.