Excitement Gaining Steam For Cardinal Fans


Apr. 2, 2013; Tempe, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians during a press conference to announce the signing of quarterback Carson Palmer (not pictured) at the Cardinals practice facility. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Cardinal fans continue to show their loyalty to the team each year by selling out all home games and keeping the television contract going regardless of the product on the field, every year sense the super bowl run the team has had high expectations.

Bringing in well known names through free agency, and every summer a new buzz begins about the team that is being assembled. The question is what will make this season any different than the last four years?

The clear answer is the same, uncertainty, but the buzz seems to be a bit higher than usual for the 2013 season. When a new coaching staff takes over it usually yields excitement, especially if that coach has had previous success.

Coach Bruce Arians has caused an exciting buzz around the Valley, his out going and down to earth personality has begun to draw much love from fans all over Arizona.

Fans are hoping Arians can translate the same result he got from his accomplishment in Indianapolis last year, maybe not to be in the heart of the playoffs, but to turn the team around and make it competitive.

I don’t think what he accomplished last year was luck (no pun intended) it took his style and his personality and his ability to reach the maximum potential of his players. That is just the way Arians coaches, and if nothing else happens, we know the Cardinals will play hard and be very competitive.

I was out at the University of Phoenix Stadium about a month ago and attended an event that most fans may not know about or care about, and that’s the stadium tour that goes on through the off season.

The attendance of this one tour I attended was said to be bigger than usual, not making much about that, but this year the buzz is picking up steam.

As this tour went on, all the questions were about “where will training camp be”, and the new acquisitions to the team and how they would fare.

Scattered conversations were about how many games the team could win this season and some playoff conversation. But most of the conversations were about Coach Arians and how excited they are about the non conservative style.

One fan added “how he attacks continually during a game, we could be a dynamic offense”. It just seemed to me that the excitement level is just a little different from previous years.

Let’s just hope this does not yield the same results of previous years we have seen, and the cardinals put a team on the field that the fans can be excited about and have something to fight back with in that everyday conversation in front of the water cooler at work.