Arizona Cardinals: Where Will the Cardinals Pick in the 2014 NFL Draft?


Apr 25, 2013; New York, NY, USA; Jonathan Cooper (North Carolina) is introduced by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell as the number seven overall pick to the Arizona Cardinals during the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

This sounds like another loaded question for me to attempt to answer. I think my chances of finding a needle in a hay stack would be more realistic than trying to figure out where the Arizona Cardinals will pick in 2014.

However, for the sake of this argument I will attempt to do just that. Furthermore, if I were to say they will pick somewhere between first and thirty-two probably would not go over to well either (with a chuckle).

I would probably get ridiculed if I were to have them picking first and probably would get laughed at if they would be the last pick in next year’s draft. As I am not sure anyone on the planet has the Cardinals winning the Super Bowl this year.

Seriously, if I were to say the Cardinals would win the division this year, I would probably be sticking my foot in my mouth. As I have just recently mentioned in a previous article the Redbirds would not come out on top of their division this year.

Mentioning in a previous article that the San Francisco 49ers would when the NFC West this year; with strong competition coming from the Seattle Seahawks. In my opinion, it really is going to be extremely difficult for the Redbirds to even reach the 500 mark this year.

I really do believe the Cardinals have every bit the talent to compete this year in their division; however, with a new coaching staff in place along with a new system, a new quarterback behind center and an abundance of new players on their roster. There is no way I can possibly predict at this point a division winning season with the likes of San Francisco and Seattle in their division.

Therefore, I believe the Redbirds will probably be picking in the mid round range or should I say somewhere in the middle of the pack. Because I do believe at some point the Cardinals will hit their stride and give teams a hard time. Hopefully this will come sooner rather than later and surprise us all.

If I must put a number on where I believe they will be drafting; then it will be somewhere around 16 or so. I think when it is all said and done the Arizona Cardinals will have about an 8 and 8 record and pick in the middle rounds somewhere.

But hopefully I am totally off the mark and the Redbirds surprise us all and come out swinging right from the get go (start). After all this is what all Cardinal fans are hoping for. Perhaps head coach Bruce Arians, Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald will put all of us on a ride that we’ll never forget. We will all find out soon.