The Worst of the Arizona Cardinals Week One Performance


Aside for the overall outcome of the game, what was the worst part of the Arizona Cardinals first Game against the Rams?

The Cardinals Defense has a tough day stopping the running and making tackles against the Rams offense.

The play of Levi Brown? The Carson Palmer Pick? The Cardinals defensive performance?

I think I am going to have to pick the latter of the three.

Look, Cardinals fans are used to Levi Brown having problems with speed rushers. Doesn’t make it any easier to watch, but we know Bruce Arians has no patience and will make the necessary changes. Today, Bruce even noted that some of his missed blocks were due to Running Backs leaving too early. This is something that will definitely be addressed this week as the Cardinals prepare for the Lions. So, as a fan, I am hoping that Levi Brown can FINALLY turn it around this year.

The Carson Palmer pick was a crucial play that did affect the outcome of the game. However the Rams did a phenomenal job of masking coverages all game. Carson unfortunately became a victim of it and happened to throw a pick at the worst time. Aside from that pick, Palmer had a great game. I was almost pushing tears in the first half, it was a true relief to see the offense actually move the chains! Cardinals fans, did you notice that Palmer can also take a hit and make a great throw the next play? It’s amazing to watch, right?

The Cardinals defense, usually the backbone of the team, did not play up to par. “But what about the Dan Williams touchdown, or the Tyrann Mathieu strip?” Those were very good plays that are very hard to come by. What I am referring to are the little things. Stopping the run, getting to the Quarterback, and wrapping up a receiver. Sam Bradford had a clean jersey by the end of the game, that can’t happen. Our defensive line is supposed to be the anchor of our defense, if they cannot reach the Quarterback it will be a long season for the defense. Also I saw plenty of broken tackles on the Cardinals side. Football is literally a game of inches, each broken tackle can amount to a scoring drive for the opposing team that may win the game.

Let’s hope the new scheme under Todd Bowles can mesh sooner rather than later.