Cardinals-Lions Q&A With Side Lion Report


Dec. 16, 2012; Glendale, AZ, USA: The Arizona Cardinals line up against the Detroit Lions at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals look to extend their winning streak to five games over the Detroit Lions this Sunday at University of Phoenix Stadium.  The Cards are coming off a 27-24 loss to the St. Louis Rams and the Lions are coming off a 34-24 win over the Minnesota Vikings.  The teams last played in week 15 of the 2012 season, resulting in a Cards 38-10 victory.

I was able to do a Q&A with Side Lion Report’s Zac Snyder this week ahead of this Sunday’s big game.

1. Calvin Johnson can’t buy a touchdown it seems.  Is the NFL out to get him or is it a case of Megatron just being in the wrong place when he catches the ball?

"This may not be popular but I completely understand, and even agree with, the league’s rules regarding completing the process of the catch was it relates to a receiver going to the ground. I saw the ball pop loose watching last week’s apparent touchdown catch and knew immediately there would be a review. Upon replay I knew the call would be reversed. My only problem is with the rule being inconsistently interpreted and applied, like we saw with Victor Cruz last week. The NFL isn’t out to get him, Megatron just needs to hold on to the ball when he hits the ground."

2. Reggie Bush seems to be a huge upgrade and a nice combination of rusher and receiver.  Do you see him being the offensive difference for the Lions this season over last?

"A lot of NFL fans didn’t seem to understand why the Lions would make such a big effort to sign Bush. I think that is pretty clear now. He was a difference-maker in week one and he needs to be just that all year long. He doesn’t need to carry the offense by himself with Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson shouldering the load, but if he is able to at least bring the threat of what we saw in week one, opposing defenses will have to pick and choose the people and areas of the field they want to focus on."

3. Please tell us a little more about the Lions Ford Field Wave.  Joique Bell seemed to be doing a good job of showing us all a little bit of that last week. 

"That was a new one for Bell. Players have jumped up on the rail to celebrate with fans before but Bell took it to another level breaking out the “Hip Hop Hooray” with the fans quickly joining him. He is a popular breakout player pick in the fantasy community so we’re likely to see Bell refine the celebration over time and it will be interesting to see if other players pick it up or if it stays exclusive to Bell. As they say, throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care."

4. Can kicker David Akers kick his way into Lions fans hearts given the long history of recently retired Jason Hanson?  

"Jason Hanson is beloved because he was consistently a solid kicker for the team over the course of two decades. Akers might only be that for two years so he has no chance to become what Hanson is to Lions fans. It’s not only longevity but circumstantial. Hanson was a top performer in a lot of really lean years. It’s sad to say but Hanson probably should be considered the team MVP for a lot of those poor seasons."

5. Your prediction for the Lions-Cards this Sunday? 


"I don’t care what happened last year. The only impact that game has on this game is that is might give the Lions a little extra focus to do what they should do, and that is win. Lions 30, Cardinals 24"