Post Game Analysis for the Cardinals and Texans


John Abraham Keeps Showing Up Big for Arizona
Post Game Analysis for the Cardinals and Texans

I just want to say that I am not at all surprised with the way that this game turned out. The Texans are no push over and definitely play better than their record displays. They put up a great fight, but did not have enough to pull out the win.

The big “D” in AZ showed up once again giving the Cardinals an early 7-0 lead in the first play of the game. The ability to stop the run as well as pressure the Texans quarterback paid off huge for Arizona. Once the Texans became one dimensional, the focus turned to Andre Johnson and man that was one tough task. Johnson had two touchdowns on the night with one of them almost being picked off by Patrick Peterson in the endzone. I think Peterson either got a little to fancy with that attempt or just got off balance because he clearly had the chance to get that ball. There were many defensive plays like that where the ball just slipped right through our defenders hands and it hurt them at times. The defense will need to improve on worrying about the potential receiver instead of waiting for the cover man to snatch the ball (I’m just nit-picking though). Don’t forget John Abraham (my favorite offseason pickup) keeps showing up for the defense who already has five sacks and three forced fumbles this year!

Big props to Dave Zastudil who continues to punt the junk out of the ball. Special teams did a pretty solid job overall giving the Texans little room to work with. Jay Feely did his put making every kick he attempted. Also the underrated beast, Justin Bethel, showed up again with a blocked kick. Keep that name on the front of your pro bowl ballots folks!

The offense performed well, not great, but well. Carson had another interception that was at the worst time. They are becoming more infrequent, but they need to be non-existent. The Arizona tight ends came up real big for Arizona. Jake Ballard and Jim Dray both grabbed a reception and Rob Housler had 57 yards receiving as well as one long 26 yard reception. The running game was decent, and improved in the second half. Rashard had a tough start but took the second half a little better.

Overall this Cardinals team proved that they are willing to lay it all out for the win.