The Arizona Cardinals Can Win Ugly


Sunday the Arizona Cardinals traveled to a cold Tennessee to face the Titans. What should have been a solid showing by the Cardinals turned into a nail bitter. I guess it is safe to say that these Cardinals are still the “Cardiac Cards”! What stuck out most for me was the lack of defensive intensity. I literally remember saying (potentially yelling) during the game that only Washington and Cason came to play. My wife and I both noticed that Patrick Peterson just seemed out of sorts, could have been the lack of Tyrann Mathieu on the field.

The Titans secondary really impressed me. I thought that the Arizona passing offense would have had a field day against their defense, but they greatly underachieved. The run game also suffered due to the Titans pass rush. Carson was able to fit the ball in some tight areas but he also overthrew some passes that could have been very costly.

In the end the defense finally buckled down when they were backed up against the wall. Cason is the first guy I think of that positively affected the outcome of the game. Second would be Jay Feely. Jay had some trouble with his kickoffs but showed up when we needed him most, in overtime.

The Titans game really proved that the Arizona Cardinals can win ugly. There wasn’t any luck, just a hard fought, grind out game. But what does this mean for next weeks game at Seattle? Because, let’s be honest, that game is definitely going to be UGLY. Let’s not forget the Fitzgerald (concussion), Palmer (ankle), Floyd (shoulder & ankle) and Housler (groin) are all banged up. Going into one of the best defenses in a place where the Seahawks don’t lose, this is going to be tough.