Arizona Cardinals Week 16 Stock Report


Dec 22, 2013; Seattle, WA, USA; Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer (3) signals a first down following a pass interference penalty called against the Seattle Seahawks during the fourth quarter at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Even though the Cardinals won an exciting inter-division game against one of the top teams in the NFC, Stocks will still be falling. This second installment should show that everybody will be given a stock status while this segment is running. If I still lived in Arizona, I’d visit the facilities to analyze the janitor’s performance if I could.


Justin Bethel: The one man special team hasn’t disappointed in the last two seasons it seems and is another stock id like to use to replace Javier Arenas in the nickel defense as I feel he has earned more playing time with his constant success and work ethic.

Cardinals Defense: I don’t think I have to advise anyone to buy these guys as they have been a top ranked defense since week 2. This is more of a notice that their value has risen a few more points to many fans delight. I believe they have bailed out the offense five times now this season to generate a win like they did in week 15 with Carson Palmer tossing 4 interceptions to one of the NFL’s best secondary’s.

Steve Keim: It’s been obvious the last 5 weeks that he has a special eye and great communication with the coaching staff regarding what tools they need. The acquisition of Carson Palmer for cheap, Bringing back Karlos Dansby and bringing in John Abraham in general not to mention for cheap. Each transaction could make a case for GM of the year but all three plus the solid draft should solidify him the honor. I myself bought his stock back in the pre-season with the bold moves like releasing the “Original Cardinal” Adrian Wilson, it was bet big and either loose or win big and I feel good about my decision. Loosing Wilson and Levi Brown and their cap space just before they got injured was brilliant. His interview today on The Dan Patrick show added value as he adamantly preached the same philosophy that Bruce Arians does and mentioned that the offensive line can and will be better in the future. The first GM in Arizona to say those words was lovely.


Rob Housler:  His stock was rising again in November as he produced in every game that month but December and this last game has added to his inconsistency.  I feel it’s a coin flip on wither or not he can be a consistent contributor like he was valued to be last year. The ideal scenario is he becomes a number 2 tight-end and the Cardinals get a legitimate tight end in the future.  No NFL team wants a “streaky “tight end as their number one.

Carson Palmer: I’m not sure if i want to sell Palmer as a whole just the laughable 4 interception performance. As noted before it was against one of the best secondary’s in the NFL. That aside, its Carson Palmer. A “savvy veteran” that was a Heisman winner. Yet you mean to tell me that he can’t just manage the game like a good quarterback would and should after the first 2 interceptions? A veteran coach and quarterback have good communication and simply say, “I’m either not seeing the field well coach, or they have me figured out today, lets adjust.”  Looking at the numbers its nice to see he has had his third best completion percentage season but the 1:1 touchdown to interception ratio and six fumbles add to me aiming to sell.


Run Game: The line gave another 100 yard plus game. The magic and science of a change of pace back gave Andre Ellington another solid game just like Rashard Mendenhall had but with less carries. After reviewing the stats I can’t help but wonder in coach Stump Mitchell saw that Stephan Taylor was averaging seven yards a carry and mentioned it to Coach Arians to give relief to Palmer and his Interceptions?  The potential of a three headed change of style and pace back-field is there and could be very fun to see.

Kevin Minter:  This is the special of the week/season. He came in with a high stock value but the performance of veterans like Dansby and Abraham has shelved him plus reports of the game being a little too fast for him. I’m under the assumption that this slow up-bringing behind the veterans mentioned before will be great for him just like the “slow cooking” Aaron Rodgers had behind Brett Favre. Next season Minter will bring the needed youth at the position. He has only had 4 tackles on the year but if you saw the tackles and how long the opponent stayed on the field in pain after, should count as 10 tackles. This kid lays the wood and is being developed properly.