Cardinals Linebacker Daryl Washington Has Day in Court


Dec 1, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles (9) stiff arms Arizona Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington (58) during the fourth quarter at Lincoln Financial Field. The Eagles defeated the Cardinals 24-21. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

We knew the day would come when Arizona Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington would have his day in court to answer charges of domestic assault on his ex-girlfriend last May.  The way the story was told and reported, there was no way Washington could be anything but innocent of the chargers even though he had plead not guilty.  On Tuesday in Maricopa County Court Washington changed his plea to guilty.  Sentencing is April 23rd.

So what comes next?  Once a punishment is handed out by the court, the NFL is almost sure to step in and punish D-Wash as well, no matter the outcome of his April 23rd court date.  D-Wash has plead guilty to domestic violence.  There is never any excuse for it.  Period.

It is interesting to read comments on local sites on both sides of the argument.  You have a group of fans that say he should be dealt with lightly.  I saw one comment that said she “probably deserved it”.  Um, no.  No woman deserves to be treated like that.  You also have those on side of wanting him cut now.  Again, no.  The Cards would have cut him back in May.  They had the facts of the case.  They were content to allow the law take care of business.  Now all of a sudden he changes his plea and there are those that want him cut?  Why?

Most people with some common sense says he does deserve what ever punishment is doled out.  I get both sides of it.  Me personally, I’d like to continue to see him play as a Cardinal.  He’ll get his punishment and rightfully so.  There is never any excuse to injure a woman on purpose due to an argument.  Never.  I won’t even guess as to what the punishment will be but the Cards are committed to him and he’ll resume his career once the court of law and the NFL decide his upcoming future.