Re-evaluating And Grading The Cardinals 2014 Draft Picks Part 4


Nov 30, 2013; Charlottesville, VA, USA; Virginia Tech Hokies quarterback Logan Thomas (3) throws the ball as Virginia Cavaliers defensive tackle Brent Urban (99) defends in the first quarter at Scott Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

This has been the most eye-brow raising pick in the Arizona Cardinals draft, as they selected quarterback Logan Thomas out of Virginia Tech.

Many analyst marked him as an inaccurate passer and in some instances that may be true, but after carefully watching him on tape he is not that inaccurate as one would think.

Thomas has a big framed body and has a strong arm to make every throw in the NFL, and his deep ball accuracy is almost pin point, he has a very effortless release and his passes are always a tight spiral. There were some instances where he was not as accurate due to his footwork breaking down when pressure is on him, but for the most part with a clean pocket he was accurate.

Escaping the pressure he tends to rush his passes and while throwing on the run they end up inaccurate, he breaks the pocket more times than he should as his offensive line was not the greatest in college. In fact, outside of Thomas there was not one other offensive player from Virginia Tech that was talented enough to make any round in this years draft.

The other prospect QB’s had receivers and or offensive linemen picked in the draft along with them, point being Thomas had lessor talent to work with and it was clearly his talent that put Virginia Tech on the map.

So much criticism came from the local media of this pick, in particular the well known radio personality John Gambadoro of the “Burns and Gambo show” on Arizona Sports 98.7.
The Monday following the draft Gambadoro said “this was the worse pick in the entire draft” and added “this kid will not play one down in the NFL, he’s no good” some very strong statements.

Gambadoro has a valued opinion around the Valley but in this case he is absolutely wrong.

Normally it is custom that the new draft picks make their rounds to the local sports radio stations and introduce themselves to the fan base, how do you interview a kid having basically told the fan base he stinks as a quarterback already. Later in the week Gambadoro backed off of his harsher comments and understood that this is a project that requires a waiting period.

Thomas is indeed a project, but taken on by a group of men whom took part in grooming the likes of Ben Roethlisberger, Peyton Manning, and Andrew Luck. Regardless of their talent level out of college all of these quarterbacks had something they learned from these brilliant minds that made them who they are today.

Will Thomas end up like these quarterbacks? who really knows, because not one of the prospect quarterbacks in this years draft is a guarantee to be great. Scheme and coaching will be the key to these players success, and being in the hands of this Cardinals coaching staff is a far better situation than where a few other prospects ended up.

This pick will get an “A” because the Cardinals did exactly what they wanted to do in the draft regarding a quarterback, they wanted a one or two year project to sit and learn from the coaching staff and veteran Carson Palmer. They also got the guy that fit the look and mold of a Bruce Arians signal caller. They also got an added element to this big physical frame in that Logan Thomas is also a mobile quarterback, and finally the best part, they didn’t want to waste a first round pick getting a QB and got their man in the fourth round.

Again, only time will tell the future of Thomas as a NFL quarterback, so all of Arizona and the local voices that attack a young man living out his dream,the least you can do is wait until he fails before you come down on him.