Arizona Cardinals Day One Training Camp Stand-Outs


Jul 26, 2014; Tempe, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals wide receiver John Brown (12) makes a catch during training camp at University of Phoenix. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Standout players from day one in camp will have to be Michael Floyd, John Brown, and the DB’s, more notable Justin Bethel. Floyd is playing like a man on a mission as he caught every ball thrown his direction, and he even had a one-on-one battle for the ball in the air against corner-back Patrick Peterson.


Floyd has also become a vocal tutor to the young receivers as he was seen all day teaching and encouraging and teaching thru most of the drills.

After every practice the fans usual scream very loud when Fitzgerald finishes his routine and heads to the bleachers, but the building was as equally  loud for Floyd this year as well, which points to him stepping into the next level in the game, perhaps star status.


Rookie John Brown has showed nothing but promise as he gave the fans a look at just how fast he really is, every movement on the field was fast, from routes to returning to the huddle, this kid is small and can be lost within the tackles as he showed on a few reverse plays today. Quarterback Carson Palmer has taken a very noticeable attachment to Brown as he was seen mentoring the receiver on several occasions. “if he stays healthy he will have a very good year” said Palmer in an interview last week of Brown.


Floyd and Brown were hard to cover today for a DB crew that did a masterful job over all otherwise, I noticed that the quarterbacks on several occasions were holding the ball way to long waiting for receivers to get open, problem was they were simply covered the majority of the time.


That is a good sign early in camp if these guys can cover this well when the pads come on it’s a good sign they will be able to do it in game action as well. Antonio Cromartie had a pretty good day breaking up a pass or two and also Justin Bethel displayed his technique skills. There are a lot of changes for Bethel this year including his jersey number, which he gave over to Cromartie, but also he is being featured at corner-back as well as special teams. Bethel has great footwork and recovery speed, and that combination usually makes for a good corner in the NFL. Look for Bethel to be a big surprise break-out player not only in camp but on the upcoming season.