The NFL: A Celebration of Excellence and Absurdity

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Look at Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun.  He cheated.  He lied.  Yet first time back on the field he got a standing ovation.  He was cheered loudly.  I know fans want to support their teams and their players.  I get it.  I am a fan as well.  Now I’m not saying go out and pardon the expression, beat a man down, and then boo him.  No.  What I’m saying is it sends the wrong message.  Sure, I’m sure Rice felt great knowing his fans still support him.  They can still support his play.  But see, Rice hasn’t played a down yet.  He was a practice. We are talking about practice and the guy gets a standing-o.

We are so blinded by athletic greatness society is fine with the wife beatings, the cheating, the lying, the criminal activity.  I mean, how else are you supposed to infer Ravens fans actions?  I put something out on Twitter earlier about this and one response I got, and this person knows who he is, said “it’s Maryland”.  Oh, so it’s ok to wife beat in Maryland then?  I would think there are a lot of people in Maryland who would disagree that people in Maryland are like that.

You can choose to agree or disagree with my take on this.  Fine.  What I would like you to do though is if you are the one giving Rice or any other player who has had domestic violence issues a standing ovation, please ask yourself why?  Personally, I would have just stayed silent.  Much like I will did with Daryl Washington.  No excuses.