Larry Fitzgerald Again Proves His Worth To Cardinals


Subject to many trade rumors by fans and media, Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald came up big on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles

This is all you need to know whether or not Larry Fitzgerald is done as a receiver for the Arizona Cardinals.  Seven receptions, 160 yards receiving which includes a 80-yard touchdown.  Targeted 10 times.  Enough said.

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Last week my Twitter timeline and national media still felt some need to wonder if Fitz should be traded before the trade deadline. took it a step further and put out trades they’d like to see.  One was Fitz to New England.  Why?  First of all, the New England Patriots are not taking on that salary of his.  I will say it time and time again…Fitz is not being phased out.  Yesterday proved that in the Cards 24-20 win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Fitz’s 160 receiving was just 13 shy from setting a new career high.  At this point in his career for him to perform to the point of almost setting new career highs should tell you everything you need to know about him and what the Cards think of him.  He’s not going anywhere.  Well not anywhere but catching more passes for the Cards.

He won’t have 7-160 performances every week.  I think we all know that but he isn’t forgotten.  He doesn’t have one foot out the door.  The Cards need Fitz.  He provides veteran leadership on and off the field.  Anyone else besides me think about his Super Bowl touchdown run and score after the catch during yesterday’s big play?