Arizona Cardinals Could Face A Tony Romo With Fractures


Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo injured his back on Monday night against the Washington Redskins

The Arizona Cardinals could be playing a quarterback with fractures in his back in Tony Romo on Sunday.  Per ESPN, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback has two small fractures in his back but still could play on Sunday.

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According to ESPN’s Ed Werder, Romo will either start or be inactive.  That would make the most sense.  If the inactives report comes out Sunday morning 90 minutes before kickoff and his name is not on it, that means he will be starting.

For the Cowboys, backup quarterback Brandon Weeden took the first team snaps in practice this week.  Romo did not practice at all this week.  Weeden came in and lead the Cowboys to 10 points on Monday night in Romo’s absence.

Even though the Cards said they were preparing as if Romo is starting it would be naive to believe that they also did not prepare for the possibility of Weeden.  The game plan as far as the Cards are concerned should not change no matter who the quarterback is and I don’t believe the Cowboys would go away from what has got them to their 6-2 start to begin with.

I expect Cards defensive coordinator Todd Bowles to keep the game plan utilized by the Redskins on Monday in their 20-17 win over the Cowboys. They blitzed a lot and if there is something the Cards defense thrives on, it’s blitzing the opposition.