Standings Say The Arizona Cardinals Are The Best In NFL


The Arizona Cardinals have the best record in the NFL at the halfway point of the 2014 season

Your Arizona Cardinals are 7-1.  Yes, your Arizona Cardinals.  Your dad’s or older brother’s or sister’s Arizona Cardinals are very jealous.  They are 7-1 for the first time since 1974.  That’s 40 years for those of you that are doing math.

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The Arizona Cardinals are 7-1, best record in the NFL.  Are they the best team in the NFL though?  It’s a point that can be argued but at the end of the regular season it is about who has the best record.  Record means everything for home field advantage in the playoffs.  The Cardinals are 4-0 at home so far this season.  Oh, and the Super Bowl is also in their stadium this year.  Of course the playoffs are a different beast but we are talking who is the best in the regular season right now.

The one Cardinals loss was to the Denver Broncos, in Denver.  They did not have quarterback Carson Palmer.  Yet, with Logan Thomas at the helm thanks to a Drew Stanton concussion, they were still in the game trailing 24-20 early in the fourth quarter.  The pass defense didn’t have its finest day.  Could Palmer have changed the outcome of the game?  Maybe.

The Dallas Cowboys could make the same argument in their 28-17 loss to the Cardinals on Sunday.  They played without quarterback Tony Romo.  Would the outcome be different?  Sure, maybe.  They still might have lost with the way the Cardinals defense played.  We will never know though.

The Broncos lost to the New England Patriots 43-21 on Sunday.  Their other loss was in overtime at the Seattle Seahawks.  So the teams we know are good are losing to other teams we know that are good.

The San Diego Chargers?  At 5-4 now, we once thought they were good or among the best.  Then they lose 37-0 on Sunday to the Miami Dolphins with 10 days of preparation.   However the Dolphins at 5-3 have now defeated both the Chargers and Patriots.  The Chargers last three losses are to 6-2 Denver, 5-3 Kansas City Chiefs, and 5-3 Dolphins.

The Philadelphia Eagles are 6-2.  Their losses are to 4-4 San Francisco 49ers and 7-1 Cardinals. Two of the three Dallas Cowboys losses are to the same two teams.  The Cowboys beat the 5-3 Seahawks.  It all goes full circle.

So do we really know who is the best?  All we really can go by are the records right now because these teams are beating up on each other.  The standings say the Arizona Cardinals are the best.  That’s what we must go by.  Circumstances dictate every game.  Sometimes the best teams don’t win and sometimes the lesser team gets the wins.  That’s sports.  However the best is only determined by the record when it comes to the regular season.