Arizona Super Bowl Committee Hopefully Saw Chris Botti National Anthem (Video)


Trumpeter Chris Botti performed the National Anthem at the Indianapolis Colts vs New York Giants Monday Night Football game

Normally we pay attention to the National Anthem when we are at home watching a sporting event and the network showing the game decides to air it.  Once in a while though the National Anthem really gets our attention.  Last night was one of those nights for me and my family.

Trumpeter Chris Botti played what I believe is the best rendition of the National Anthem I’ve ever heard and I’ve heard some great ones.  It was not your run of the mill National Anthem where someone just came out and tried to change it up with a different take or singing louder or accentuate verses of the song.

I’ve also heard other trumpets play the National Anthem.  I love Jessie McGuire.  He’s played a lot of big sporting events in Arizona.  Arizona Cardinals, Phoenix Suns, Arizona Diamondbacks, he’s done them all.  However Botti trumped that last night.  Hopefully the Arizona Super Bowl Committee was paying attention last night.

Book this guy for Super Bowl XLIX.  Seriously.  Chris Botti was wonderful.  I was already shedding tears before the ESPN camera caught Colts receiver Reggie Wayne weaping.  That made it just that more real.

The National Anthem is supposed to stir emotions but rarely does it affect me so much I find a need to write about it.  Nothing would be better than to start off an Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl with a Chris Botti National Anthem.  Just my two cents.  I’m sure the Super Bowl Committee already has their guy but this is one I won’t forget.