Arizona Cardinals RB Andre Ellington Doesn’t Need 100 Yards


Arizona Cardinals running back Andre Ellington hasnt had a 100-yard rushing game this season and it has raised some questions

I listen to the local radio shows.  It was suggested on Tuesday that maybe Arizona Cardinals running back Andre Ellington still wasn’t performing to expectations because he hadn’t hit the 100-yard mark yet.  I would say to that they are winning and Ellington is getting more than 100 all-purpose-yards so his performance has been just fine.

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Would I like to see more 100-yard games?  Sure.  He had a 95-yard effort in the 28-17 victory over the Dallas Cowboys.  He scored once touchdown and that was a receiving touchdown that was part of a four reception, 39-yard day.  He had a 91-yard effort in week two against the New York Giants.

It is good enough for me.  It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing for the radio host I was listening too but did bring it up as a topic of conversation.   I would just said that if the Cardinals are winning and Andre Ellington is doing what he is supposed to, then I’m not complaining.

Andre Ellington is also not practicing in full each week thanks to his injured foot, which I know has been a concern of Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians.  However right now Arians has said it doesn’t appear to be hindering him on Sunday’s and as long as that continues then there is no reason for concern.

When Andre Ellington stops looking like Andre Ellington then we have a problem but he’s getting over 100 plus yards between running and receiving and the efforts are clearly contributing to Cardinals victories.