No London For Arizona Cardinals in 2015


The NFL announced its International Series Games for 2015 and none of them include your Arizona Cardinals

There will be three games in London again next season but none of them will include the Arizona Cardinals.  The games will be the Buffalo Bills vs Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets vs Miami Dolphins, and Detroit Lions vs. Kansas City Chiefs.

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The Jaguars, Dolphins, and Lions all are playing or have played game in London this season. The Arizona Cardinals announced their home and away opponents yesterday for 2015 but there was never any indication any of them would be in London.

As it stands right now, the NFL chooses teams that are willing to give up home games in order to be the home team in London.  There has been talk about possibly changing that at some point.

Understandable.  Why would a team like the Cardinals want to give up a home game.  With teams like the Cardinals it is much more than revenue you worry about.  Now the NFL does help compensate teams but the Cardinals sell games out.  Teams like the Jaguars have been a tough sell a home.  So again, understandable why they would be chosen.

The Cardinals will end up in London at some point, as will every other team.  The Cardinals have a sizeable fan base in the United Kingdom.  Once they figure out how to get teams over there without giving up a home game.  Although I don’t know what the solution to that is?