Arizona Cardinals WR Michael Floyd Missing In Action


Many of the critics around the valley are wondering what is going on with Arizona Cardianls wide receiver Michael Floyd the last few weeks.

The last two weeks for Floyd have been very rocky for someone of his talent. The third year wide-out is usually very good at catching the ball in traffic and at its highest point in the air with an attitude . Normally he grabs the ball with his hands and not allow the ball to hit his body.

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The last few games it seems that his focus is off, maybe his mind is on something else or maybe the spreading of the ball by quarterback Carson Palmer has made him invisible. Whatever the case may be, Floyd will need to be himself to allow this offense to get to that dominate form.

Currently Floyd has only 23 rec for 389 yards 2 touchdowns and were at mid-season. Weeks five and six Floyd scored a touchdown and had at least five or six more targets per game. Since that time he has produced a goose egg in week eight against the Eagles, where he also had two deep balls hit him in the chest and bounce off incomplete.

Those catches are ones he usually would make blindfolded. There has been no information disclosed if there is any personal issues, but if there was any week to get right it’s this week.

The St. Louis Rams come in at number eight in pass defense, which would seem to be trouble for the Cardinals receivers. But the flip side to that is that the Rams are also 30th at stopping the run. So, if Andre Ellington gets off, it will open up plenty of opportunity for big plays in the Rams secondary. Even with the ball being spread around in the offense Floyd should be able to re-establish his dominate form and be a force on the outside as predicted for him this season.