The Element Helping The Arizona Cardinals Handle Adversity


The 2014 Arizona Cardinals have that certain something that teams get when they make a super-bowl run.

Miracle type things that don’t usually go your way are all starting to go their way from game one up til now. The way this team is winning games is uncanny, and all of the adversity threw injury would have made the average team fold up the tents and call it a season. A certain phrase is starting to be attached with this team “there is something special about this team”.

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Every time we hear that phrase its attached to a Championship winner. The 2007 New York Giants team that finished strong after a very rocky start and won it all by beating the New England Patriots. Special events took place that allowed that team to do the unheard of (David Tyree). Also the 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers and the tip toe catch of one Santonio Holmes after a drive that featured plays that felt like they just had some help from an outside source.

Don’t forget the special play in that game that just made one think “there is no way that team is getting beat” after the James Harrison play before half-time. Many more, but if we check back at the regular seasons those teams had and every other super-bowl team, we are sure to find there were many special things that took place during their season that propelled them past difficult adversity.

After the devastation of losing starting quarterback Carson Palmer in a game that looked bleak and would have been a loss for the Cardinals in the past,  some of that “special element” took place and the unexpected happened. The force of the special element came in the form of a back-up quarterback and an electric rookie receiver to ignite a flame that gets the team out of an offensive funk. Everyone outside of the organization says that this team will not make it for sure after losing its leader, but after seeing what we have seen so far, I would not be so quick to count this team out.

The Detroit Lions are having a similar type of year, to where they just get the job done somehow. The Cardinals are dominating the fourth quarter of games, and the Lions are dominating the last two minutes of fourth quarters. Something has to give in this game, and the “special element” might show up and take the side of the team that just might find themselves in the last football game of the year holding up the Lombardi.