Arizona Cardinals: Stanton Out For Season, RIP 2014


A knee infection for Arizona Cardinals quarterback Drew Stanton has done him in for the season

The last straw.  The last possible hope.  Gone.  Arizona Cardinals quarterback Drew Stanton has surgery on an infected knee and is done for the season most likely.  This was the one injury the Cardinals could not succumb to if they wanted any chance at a Super Bowl run in the playoffs.

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Stanton, who was injured in the Thursday night game against the St. Louis Rams two weeks ago, was expected back for the playoffs despite his grade 2 MCL sprain.  However we’ve learned he apparently developed an infection and had to have arthroscopic surgery.  Now, he’s out for good.

So this means it is the Ryan Lindley show for the playoffs.  I’ve not been one to pack in the towel all season long with the dozens of injuries this team has suffered.  Having Lindley play against the San Francisco 49ers this weekend was one thing.  Having him have to go on the road against the Atlanta Falcons or the Carolina Panthers is a whole other beast.  This injury means a sub .500 team will be winning a playoff game this season.  Sad.

It is unreal.  Lindley is a nice enough guy but he’s not even second string material.  We can’t even believe that Logan Thomas can save them either.  He was so bad in practice this week, he was yanked as this weeks starter after being named as starter just this past Monday.  Unfortunately this was it.  Stanton was the last injury the team could suffer without starting to look forward to next season.  It was a great run.