Arizona Cardinals: Ryan Lindley Called Into Action Again


Lindley was not the first choice to start the game against the San Francisco 49ers today

It has been a wild week as far as Arizona Cardinals quarterback Ryan Lindley goes.  He played an awful game against the Seattle Seahawks last Sunday.  Then he was benched in favor of rookie Logan Thomas on Monday.  By Wednesday rumors were swirling it was Lindley time again and by Friday those rumors were confirmed, he was starting again.

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So what happened between Monday and Friday?  The rumor was Thomas was not playing well in practice.  Then there was the camp that believed Lindley was starting instead of Thomas in order to get him prepared for the playoffs since the word came out that Drew Stanton had surgery for an infection on his knee and would miss the playoffs.

Of course all of that nonsense was put to rest then coach Bruce Arians said on Friday that he still planned to have Stanton start the Cardinals playoff game.  Who knows what the truth is at this point?  All I know is Lindley is behind center once again on Sunday against the 49ers.

Lindley threw the ball 44 times, completing only 18 for 216 yards last Sunday against the Seahawks.  He had one interception and once again, no touchdowns.  They must run the ball on Sunday in order to give Lindley any chance.

I do hope Lindley does get that monkey off his back and throws a touchdown pass on Sunday.  I give him a decent shot of getting it done at least once but after that, the way this offense has moved the ball the past month, all bets are off.  Clearly with Lindley behind center and the Seahawks playing at home against the St. Louis Rams, things aren’t looking great for a home playoff game but in the NFL, any given Sunday.