Bruce Arians Not Concerned With Arizona Cardinals Losses


The Arizona Cardinals finished the 2014 regular-season with two consecutive losses and losses in four of their last six games

Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians has few worries with how the team ended the 2014 regular-season.  The Cardinals lost their last two games and it dropped them from a possible number one seed and home-field advantage to a fifth seed and having to go on the road.

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However Arians said on Monday via that he sees this as everyone is 0-0 now and there shouldn’t be any worry about what happened in the past.  Everyone in the playoffs starts over only this time one loss and you’re done.  But how can coach not be worried?  Many fans are.

"I would think you’d say that, but I don’t think there’s any concern because we’re in the playoffs and it don’t matter"

It is nice to have a great attitude about the whole situation even though your team just blew a great opportunity the past two weeks to have the home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.  However if you think about it, you’ll have to go through the same teams home or road.  Only they have to play the extra game they were hoping they wouldn’t have to.

As for the Carolina Panthers this week, Arians acknowledged how hot they are, winners of their last four games.  That won’t change what the Cardinals do though to prepare for a playoff game.

"You don’t change from what you did to get here"

You can’t.  You don’t want to deviate from what got you here.  Keep doing what you’ve been doing in practice and hope the execution is there on gameday.