RIP Stuart Scott: Arizona Cardinals Give Condolences


Longtime ESPN personality Stuart Scott died at the age of 49 on Sunday after a long battle with cancer

The sports world is less entertaining today.  A light has dimmed.  ESPN personality Stuart Scott, a personal favorite of mine in the world of sports, died on Sunday after his battle with cancer.  Amongst those who took the time to give their condolences were some members, past and present, of the Arizona Cardinals.

Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson put a nice tribute on his Facebook and Twitter pages.  He mentioned Scott more than once on Twitter this morning.

Former Arizona Cardinals kicker Jay Feely also gave his condolences.

Former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner might have put it most simply but well stated.

No doubt.  Not only was Stuart Scott a great sports anchor, he was such a good man by all accounts.  He leaves behind two daughters aged 19 and 15.  That’s what hits home to me most.  It is never fun losing your dad as a teenager.  It is something I unfortunately know all too well.  I lost my father one week before I turned 17.

Scott came into our homes and he was a friend.  He was one that loved joking with America but at the same time remaining professional.  As he liked to say “Cool as the other side of the pillow”.