Video: Top 5 Super Bowl XLIX commercials from Sunday


Super Bowl XLIX had some depressing messages sent on Sunday night but some commercials stood out above the others

The Super Bowl XLIX commercials on Sunday did leave a little to be desired.  Ok, so now I won’t be a race car driver.  I’m not going go to give puppies away and I don’t think I’m in danger of getting T-Mobile because of Kim Kardashian.

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There were fewer funny commercials and more commercials trying to send a message.  We get it.  We can do better as a society.  I don’t think a football audience wants to get a deep meaning out of a 30-second commercial.  We just want to be entertained.

Here are my top 5 commercials from this year’s Super Bowl telecast.

5. Snickers

This was highly entertaining, even if my 7-year old didn’t get it.  I love Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi.  The recreation of a classic Brady Bunch scene was fine by me.

4. TurboTax

This ad was an early game winner.  This was a good attempt at humor, especially for a subject so many of us really don’t want to think about this time of year in doing your taxes.

3. BMW

I liked this one because of the throwback to the 90’s.  An ad where Katie Couric and Bryant GUmbel made fun of themselves discovering the internet.  Now fast forward 20 years and they are together in a BMW learning about the BMW i3.

2. Budweiser

Ok, a cute puppy ad.  At least it was in better taste than that ATM puppy commercial.  I’m not even going to get into the pulled Go Daddy puppy commercial.  A sentimental favorite for years, the Clydesdales bring home a lost puppy.

1. Nascar

Nick Offerman is the man.  He is funny.  I know the gluten remark got some people all upset but it was a joke.