Arizona Cardinals Linebacker Alex Okafor Arrested


The Arizona Cardinals linebacker Alex Okafor was arrested in Texas early Monday morning

Well, it took just over two months this off-season before the first Arizona Cardinals player got into any trouble with the law.  On Monday morning the lucky guy was linebacker Alex Okafor.  He was arrested in Texas on standing in a street and resisting arrest.

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The charge he is facing is a misdemeanor in Texas but let’s not take this lightly.  Turns out he also had a warrant out for a previous misdemeanor not resolved.  This is not the news the Cardinals need right now as they are preparing to tackle free agency and putting a lot of focus on Okafor’s position at linebacker. reported that Okafor ran from police early this morning and was still in police custody as of late this morning.  Okafor is entering his third season with the team after being drafted out of Texas.  He lead the Cardinals with eight sacks in 2014.

So what was he thinking?  I’m sure he didn’t go out last night with the intent to get into trouble, although whenever police go out on a disturbing the peace call you have to wonder if the person creating the disturbance was out looking to create havoc?  I’m not going to assume one way or the other here about what happened.  The details I’m sure will come out later.

I know some people will say so what no big deal on this.  Ok, that’s fine and you’re entitled to that opinion.  My opinion is that it is a bigger deal than it looks to be on the surface.  Somehow Okafor thought it was fine to run away from the police here.  Nothing good ever comes from running from the police, even if what you are innocent of what you are being accused of.  Innocent people though most times don’t go running.

This is just a misdemeanor though, so I’m sure this will somehow get swept under the rug somewhere.  I hope that doesn’t happen.  We’ll let the process play out here but Okafor has to be smarter than this.  These days any arrest no matter how minor can be perceived as being a troublemaker.  Hopefully this all comes out as a misunderstanding and Okafor takes care of this issue.  The Cardinals need his services but if this is how he is going to act out in public he becomes a liability.  Hopefully we get more info on this soon.