Report: Arizona Cardinals Hit OL Jackpot, Get G Mike Iupati


ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted that guard Mike Iupati has told people he’s coming to the Arizona Cardinals

Just when you thought things were quieting down, about 3:35 Arizona time on Monday afternoon, Adam Schefter tweeted out that people have been told by San Francisco 49ers free agent guard Mike Iupati that he plans on signing with the Arizona Cardinals.  Just wow.  He is one of the top overall free agents available.

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Iupati was the 4th ranked free agent available on  He comes in to help a struggling running game.  He is a great run blocker who has always been an average pass blocker at best.  However his pass blocking has improved.  This is all about the running game though.

So if the Cardinals are making this move, does this mean that for sure they are going to go after a running back?  I think the assumption was always there but now it seems an almost certainty they will add a running back in free agency and if they can’t get their guy there, then the draft.

The bigger question here though is how much are they going to spend to bring in Iupati?  I’ve already been asked the question and the truth is I don’t know right now.  My best guess it may limit the amount of bodies they can bring in but it certainly improves one of the biggest needs they need to fill.  Their other big need, linebacker, is being helped out with the signing of Sean Weatherspoon.

This is exciting that players of his caliber want to come to Arizona.  This means people recognize what general manager Steve Keim and head coach Bruce Arians are trying to accomplish here.  Not only are they building a winner they are two really great guys.  Obviously we’ll talk more about this as things start becoming official on Tuesday but the 24 hours leading up to the start of free agency just got a lot more exciting if you are an Arizona Cardinals fan.