Don’t Hate On Arizona Cardinals Free Agent Pickups


Some aren’t impressed with what the Arizona Cardinals accomplished in the first week of free agency

For me it was easy to get excited with the players the Arizona Cardinals acquired in free agency.  When the Cardinals signed guard Mike Iupati from the San Francisco 49ers, to me they had already accomplished something.

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I’ve seen some comments on Twitter that some aren’t impressed with Iupati because he is great in run blocking but only average at best in pass protection.  The Cardinals in the past, as we know, pass the ball a lot.  I think the idea here was now they can run more.  They still haven’t found a running back to join Andre Ellington in the backfield though.

Others not impressed either.

Now there are a lot of Cardinals fans excited about the pick up too.  I’m just surprised about some of the negative comments I’ve read.  Iupati is an upgrade on the offensive line make no bones about it.

Now the other free agent acquisitions are also not too bad.  I like linebacker Sean Weatherspoon.  My big issue is his health.  He missed all of 2014 and a huge chunk of 2013.  He payed in just seven games in 2013.  Given what the Cardinals paid him and the revolving door the Cardinals have had, they did good I think.

Corey Peters and Cory Redding will suffice.  Another couple of defenders that help depth and didn’t cost a lot of money.  Then there is center A.Q. Shipley.  He comes over from the Indianapolis Colts.  It was time for a fresh face at the position.  After his signing, the Cardinals released Lyle Sendlein.  I thought Sendlein did a commendable job but it was time for a change there. 

The Cardinals aren’t done though.  Yeah a lot of the big names are gone but I’m still convinced they are looking for a running back and will be even if they don’t land Adrian Peterson in a trade.  They still don’t have a pass rusher and I don’t know who else out there would be a fit out of free agency but don’t be surprised if the Cardinals at least give someone a shot.  There are options in the draft but it would be nice to have a veteran pass rusher.