Arizona Cardinals: Game By Game Look At 2015

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The Arizona Cardinals got a fairly well-balanced schedule but have to make several trips back east

It isn’t going to be easy.  It is tougher travel-wise on the Arizona Cardinals in 2015 but they still have a very winnable schedule both at home and away.  The Arizona Cardinals will start the season at home against the New Orelans Saints.

I will take a look at every game on the schedule and make a prediction based on today’s roster.  We all know the roster will change a little between now and September so I will take another look at it towards the end of training camp.

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Week 1: New Orleans Saints:

The known: We know that tight end Jimmy Graham is gone.  He’s someone the Cardinals will have to deal with twice against the Seattle Seahawks now.  Quarterback Drew Brees returns.  They still have great offensive talent at the skill positions.  It will be the defense that needs to answer questions.

The game is in Glendale.  The last time the Saints came to Glendale was in 2010 when Max Hall started at quarterback.  The Cardinals won the game despite that 30-20.

Prediction: As of today, I’m going to say Arizona 31 New Orleans 21

Week 2: at Chicago Bears:

The known: Jay Cutler is still quarterback of the Bears, for now.  This could change before the season starts.  There are still rumors the Bears may try to trade up in first round of draft to get one of the top two quarterbacks in Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota.  It’s highly unlikely but you never know.

With the game in Chicago in September, this is more likely to be a warm weather game since it will be mid-September.  Chicago can be brutal in the winter and fall usually brings a lot of rain, so we’ll see what this day brings.

Prediction: Arizona 24 Chicago 19

Week 3: San Francisco 49ers

The known:  Changes.  The Niners have a lot of them.  From head coach to defensive line to offensive skill players, they have all seen a huge change.  No more Frank Gore.  No more Michael Crabtree.  No more Mike Iupati (he’s a Cardinal now).  No more Patrick Willis.  The question is will quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s training with former Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner pay off and help him improve his overall game?

Off-the field trouble continue to haunt the Niners.  Fullback Bruce Miller is in trouble with the law.  This game will be in Glendale in week three for the second year in a row.  Hopefully Carson Palmer is still upright for this one this time.

Prediction: Arizona 26 San Francisco 20

Week 4: St. Louis Rams

The known: Nick Foles is the new starting quarterback for the Rams.  He should help provide a huge spark to the offense.  Given the current state of weapons at receiver they could beat a number of teams now.  There’s a chance they could get receiver Kevin White in the draft next week.  That would make them very dangerous.  Even if they don’t get White, this team continues to improve to the point that they can hang with anyone.

This will be the third home game in four weeks to start the season.  The Cardinals need to take advantage of this fact.  The Rams are always thought of as a “trap game” but in reality they are tough as any other team.

Prediction: Arizona 27 St Louis 17