Arizona Cardinals Will Have Fight For Third QB


Quarterback Logan Thomas is going to have to fight hard to stay on the roster come September made an issue on Friday about the lack of reps Arizona Cardinals quarterback Logan Thomas got during practice at the end of the week.  When asked about it, coach Bruce Arians said quarterbacks behind Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton were rotating in terms of number of reps.

That’s the right answer to give publicly, that everyone will get a chance.  I believe Arians when he says that’s the case but I also have to think he’s already thinking about the possibility that either Chandler Hornish or Phillip Sims could replace Thomas as the incumbent third-stringer.

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Thomas as we know did not finish the season in great graces with his performance on the practice field.  Of course some of that could be chalked up to inexperience and still being a rookie, although Arians has gone on record saying by the time a rookie makes it to the regular season, they really aren’t rookies anymore given the extensive knowledge of the playbook and how fast the game is played.

Thomas wasn’t supposed to see any regular season action last season but was pressed into service because Stanton got hurt in the game against the Denver Broncos.  Stanton was already starting for Palmer.

Now Thomas is fighting Hornish and Sims for the third spot.  Arians has said no one currently has the advantage and Thomas has performed well.  Take that for what its worth but Arians isn’t going to commit to anything about that position until the end of training camp.  Play on the field during preseason should tell us a lot more about what direction things are going in for the three quarterbacks.

My gut feeling is the Cardinals may move on from Thomas.  Arians will say all the right things publicly for now but in the end you have to believe the Cardinals haven’t seen Thomas reach the level they thought he’d be at in this point of his short career.  That’s just my belief though.  Nothing has been said or written by others to substantiate this is the case.