Arizona Cardinals: Receivers coming up roses so far

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The Arizona Cardinals could have some tough decisions to make on receivers when camp breaks

As I scanned Twitter and Facebook the past couple of days and read other media reports about the first two days of training camp practice one thing became clear, the Cardinals receivers are getting it done.  Not only the guys like Larry Fitzgerald, John Brown, and Micheal Floyd but guys further down the depth chart like rookie J.J. Nelson and Brittan Golden.

These guys came ready to get ready for the 2015 season.  So we take a look at each receiver’s contributions over the first couple of days.

Aug 1, 2015; Glendale, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald (11) makes a catch during training camp at University of Phoenix. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Larry Fitzgerald

Overrated some say.  He’s lost a few steps some say.  The Cardinals believe otherwise.  They gave him a huge contract extension in the offseason that hopefully allows him to remain with the Cardinals until the end of his career.  Yes, the deal is for three years but he probably has at least four or five left.

Over the past couple of days since camp started Fitz has shown media and fans just why the Cardinals paid the price they did to keep him.  Sure, they probably overpaid for his market value but he can still make plays others can’t.

The Cardinals tweeted out on Sunday that he made the play of the day on Sunday.  You be the judge.

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