Arizona Cardinals: Trail Kansas City Chiefs 17-10


The Arizona Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs have reached halftime

The pace slowed down in the second quarter for both teams.  The Arizona Cardinals though continued to show some good play but clearly some work to do as they continue through the preseason.  Logan Thomas was the Cardinals quarterback in the second quarter and will be again in the third.  In the meantime, the Cardinals find themselves trailing 17-10 at halftime.

The Kansas City Chiefs went to backup quarterback Chase Daniel and he played well and lead them on two touchdown drives.  Daniel threw a 13-yard pass to receiver Fred Williams to tie the score at 10.  The Cardinals were close on sacking him several times but came up short during that particular drive.  He also threw for a 14-yard touchdown pass to receiver Frankie Hammond.

Amongst the Cardinals who looked good in the quarter included running back Kerwynn Williams, inside linebacker Alani Fua, and defensive end/linebacker Kareem Martin.  Williams showed good bounce to the outside.  Fua showed excellent pursuit and Martin hit Daniel hard, missing a sack by a split second.

Mistakes still showed up though.  Linebacker Andrae Kirk looked good on a tackle but then soon thereafter missed a tackle that would have forced a Chiefs punt.  That was the drive that Daniel hit Williams on for the score.

Mixed results on Thomas though at quarterback for the Cardinals.  He looked really good on a throw on 3rd and 14 for a completed pass to receiver J.J. Nelson for a first down.  He stepped up in the pocket and showed great footwork without overthrowing him.  He also threw a bullet to receiver John Brown for 12 yards on his second drive.

Thomas though couldn’t muster any scores on offense, however that was not entirely his fault.  He did not look so good though on a couple of incomplete passes. He tried driving for a score right before halftime was was nearly intercepted a couple of plays after the two-minute warning.

The Cardinals defense looked bad on the last drive of the first half though. They looked lost and quite frankly a little disappointing to see.  The Chiefs should never have been able to drive that fast down the field for a score.  It’s only preseason but I’m sure coach Bruce Arians will have a few things to say at halftime.