Arizona Cardinals: Larry Fitzgerald plenty still in tank


Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald once again showed why he is so valuable to the team

He just turned 32 but don’t tell Larry Fitzgerald that.  The Arizona Cardinals receiver played more like 22 on Sunday in the Cardinals 48-23 victory over the Chicago Bears.

Fitz, who is in his 12th NFL season, did have somewhat of a career day.  Sure he had eight receptions for 112 yards.  However he did something he had never done before.  He caught three touchdown passes in one game.  He continues to amaze.

Fitz’s three touchdowns were all something of beauty.  You give Fitz the right quarterback, like a Carson Palmer, I continue to tell people that it isn’t him aging why his production is down.  Sure, he’s lost a step or two and he’ll be the first to tell you that.  However as long as his quarterback is putting the ball somewhere in his sphere, he will more times than not find a way to reign the ball in.

The first touchdown:

Palmer lead the Cardinals down the field in nine plays over 80 yards.  Fitz, who didn’t even have a target in the first quarter, grabbed his first touchdown of the day from eight yards out.  It was a slant in and Fitz dove a low throw and completed the catch rolling on his back.

The second touchdown:

This one was a thing of beauty.  The Cardinals had just gotten the ball back thanks to a Patrick Peterson interception to start off the third quarter.  Just two minutes and 19 seconds in, the Cardinals found pay dirt once again with Fitz.

The play appeared to be a run for Chris Johnson but then he turned and flipped the ball back to Palmer.  Flea flicker time.  Palmer threw the ball to Fitz from 28 yards out and the ball found Fitz’s hands but this was true Fitz at his best.

Fitz had one arm draped around him and we all wondered why no flag was thrown.  Along with Fox announcers, I too thought, well he just caught the ball and the official just said “eh, he caught it, play on”.  I don’t know how any official could have missed the mugging.  Fitz still went down to the ground with ball and hand and a 35-20 lead.

The third touchdown:

There was no give up in Bruce Arians and the Cardinals offense.  Yes, the easy thing woulc have been to just run the ball the rest of the game, take starters out.  Nope.  Keep the foot on the pedal.  The Cards were bent on making this Fitz’s day on offense.  He again was true Fitz.

Fitz caught the ball out on the wing and appeared would be tackled five yards short of the goal line but he took on his defender and stretched out over the goal line near the pylon.  Another score and the icing on the cake.  The score made it 48-23 with a missed extra point.

I don’t know if we will see another day like this from Fitz this season and frankly it doesn’t matter.  To me it showed the Cardinals will still be throwing at Fitz and getting him involved.  They haven’t forgotten him.  They didn’t give him a new contract just as a token of appreciation.  They expect him to be involved.  Now, aren’t you glad they didn’t trade him?

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