Arizona Cardinals Power Rankings – Week 8

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As we reach the midway point of the season, there are still a few surprises to be seen.

Who would have thought the Raiders would be approaching the top 10 of our Power Rankings at the beginning of the season? Derek Carr and Amari Cooper have been brilliant and are giving us some serious thoughts the Raiders could be a wild team in an otherwise mediocre AFC this year, save for a few teams, and a lot of disappointments.

Overall there are still five undefeated teams, Denver, Green Bay, Carolina, New England and Cincinnati, two of which play against each other on Sunday Night, meaning at the most, there will be four when the weekend ends.

Speaking of the Arizona Cardinals specifically, it wasn’t a pretty game, but it was a win against a very good “bad” team in Baltimore. Now its on to Cleveland to play against, well, who knows.

The Lions took the first step by firing their offensive coordinator after Sunday’s pitiful loss to division foe Minnesota. More has to be done, the entire team appears to be in a funk. (1-6). Previous: 31st. Detroit Lions. 32. team. 50

48. This one “cut deep” as Lovie Smith put it in the teams collapse against Washington on Sunday giving the Redskins and Jordan Reed the keys to the car and they proceeded to drive it into the Bucs front door. Awful game.. (2-4). Previous: 29th. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 31. team

(1-6). Previous: 32nd. Baltimore Ravens. 30. team. 26. The Ravens may be the best 1-6 team you’ll ever see, the loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night Football by 8 points was the largest margin of the season for the team who has now lost three straight. There’s got to be some serious soul searching on how the team just can’t finish out games.

29. team. 10. The Texans started cleaning house with the release of Ryan Mallett who they traded with New England for. More has to be done with Arian Foster likely done in Houston for good (and the season as well). Still, in this terrible division, they’re in the thick of it. Oddly enough.. (2-5). Previous: 26th. Houston Texans

The Titans looked lost on Sunday, but kept the Falcons in check only allowing 10 points from a dynamic offense, but in the same regard, they could only put up 7 points in return. This is going to be a long second half.. (1-5). Previous: 25th. Tennesee Titans. 28. team. 35