Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks: Game balls


Many players contributed to the Arizona Cardinals victory Sunday night but these three stood out

The Arizona Cardinals found themselves with a number of players who could have been given game balls in their 39-32 victory over the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday night.  However, these three players selected had the biggest impact on the end result.

The way the game was turning in the second-half it appeared it could end up being more of a difficult task to choose game balls.  The Cardinals lead unraveled fast but they turned it around for victory in the end.

Game ball #1:

Larry Fitzgerald

It seems like he was around the ball all night.  Fitz had 10 receptions for 130 yards on Sunday night.  He made some really clutch receptions that he’s always been accustomed to bringing in.  Not only did the guy make the big catches again, he was found blocking when he wasn’t catching the ball.  You won’t find a lot of receivers that block the way he does.

Game ball #2:

Michael Floyd

Word is he pulled a hamstring, severity not yet known, but before he did he pulled in two huge first-half touchdowns.  He ended up catching the ball seven times for 113 yards.  He did let a long one go through his hands on one play but it was easily forgivable given the night he had already had at that point

Game ball #3:

Tyrann Mathieu

Mathieu was once again all over the place.  He ended up with an interception, three passes defensed.  He also made six tackles on Sunday night.  He also dropped another interception but replays appeared to show that Seahawks tight end Jimmy Graham tipping the ball to change the trajectory a bit.  Again, the dropped interception was forgivable given his night.  That play was on third down as well, so no harm no foul.