Seattle Seahawks can’t have it both ways after loss to Arizona Cardinals


The Arizona Cardinals sent the Seattle Seahawks to their fifth defeat of the 2015 season on Sunday night

Apparently, depending on who you listen to, the Cardinals either beat a team that has won multiple NFC Championships and a Super Bowl, or they lost to a team that is struggling to sty at .500, so the Cardinals aren’t allowed to talk about the win.  Some of those things are coming from the same person.  What?

We get it, the Cardinals haven’t won anything yet.  Cardinals fans aren’t dumb.  However, let us enjoy this one for a day, would ya?

I was beside myself last night reading comments on Twitter.  Now, some Seahawks fans were very gracious in defeat too.  The reality is the Cardinals did beat a 4-4, now 4-5, team in Seattle.  They aren’t the same team as last season.

However they aren’t a pushover either.  ESPN Radio in Seattle prior to the game ran a promo the Cardinals felt a sense of entitlement.  Um, no.  They said they had a cupcake schedule.  Well, ok, then include yourselves in there based on what I am hearing after the game.

The Seahawks themselves were gracious in defeat, although coach Pete Carroll felt it was more Seahawks mistakes that did them in more than anything the Cardinals did.  Ok, yes, the Seahawks did hurt themselves often but without guys like Carson Palmer, Tyrann Mathieu, Andre Ellington, Michael Floyd, Larry Fitzgerald, Jaron Brown, the Cardinals aren’t winning that game last night.

Well, no, Cardinals fans can talk smack anytime. The Cardinals themselves aren’t. They know they still have one date with the Seahawks. There are still seven games to go. Anything can happen. That doesn’t mean that Cardinals fans don’t have the right to talk smack after the 39-32 victory in Seattle. I like Cindy Brunson a lot but she’s off base here.

So, which is it? Cards fans can’t talk smack because of Seattle’s history or because of the current Seattle team? I’m confused.

Sounds like someone wasn’t paying attention or really didn’t watch the game if you are still asking yourself that question on Monday. Anyone who watched can break it down easily. Cardinals offense and Seattle penalties. Those were two huge reasons why the Seahawks lost.

I did see some of that so it was nice to see.  National media was fairly kind and very respectful of what the Cardinals did last night.  Let’s remember though, they haven,t won anything yet.  Still seven very tough games to go.  Then the real fun starts.