Arizona Cardinals Power Rankings Week 12

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Not as crazy as last week in the results, but other dimensions of the game have big questions

As the season starts down the final third and the home stretch the seperation at the top has divided the unbeaten and division leaders from the rest of the pack, with many divisions mostly spoken for at this point, unless something drastic happens divisions like the NFC South and AFC East are all but spoken for. While many may say the NFC West is done, I’m a Cardinals fan, so nothing is done until the clock reads 00:00 or every game is played. After all, after years of false hope and broken dreams, you get a little jaded.

I still fully believe that the Arizona Cardinals showed the league something Sunday Night at home, and the week before that in Seattle. You can get ahead of this team, you can score points on them due to mental errors and lapses in coverage, but they will battle back. Carson Palmer deserves to be in the MVP conversation after his performance in the last two weeks, even with a few bad throws, bad fumbles, and poor decisions, when it counted, he moved his team down the field to win the game.

One thing that doesn’t win games is penalties, and if the number of them being called (seemingly on every other play) wasn’t bad enough, the fact that there have been so many that were just wrong. What is a catch? What is a whistle? The league will seriously need to look at expanding challenges or proving that it can officiate games that don’t put calls or non-calls in the balance of wins and loses.

team. 53. What a mess, the bye week should have been a time to rest, recoup and figure out what to do in the second half of the season, instead the circus continues for Johnny Football and his crew. If Cleveland was smart they’d just cut Johnny, cut their losses on the season, play rookies to see what they have and focus on the off-season.. (2-8). Previous: 31st. Cleveland Browns. 32

Another close game and tough loss for the Titans. The season can only reach .500 and it appears as though it will be worse than that. There is some solace in the way the team has played, Mariota has been impressive, but the weapons around him are rocks when others have canons.. (2-8). Previous: 30th. Tennesee Titans. 31. team. 35

50. The Lions have won two in a row! The Lions may have sabotaged their draft plans!. (3-7). Previous: 32nd. Detroit Lions. 30. team

(3-7). Previous: 29th. San Francisco 49ers. 29. team. 42. What is there left to say? Really. It appears as though 49ers are playing for draft position and which QBs will be available.