Arizona Cardinals’ Clinching Scenarios for Week 14


The Arizona Cardinals can lock up the division and a playoff spot this week

Bruce Arians will say that clinching doesn’t mean anything to him, getting to and winning the Super Bowl is all that they’re set out to do and he would be right. But there are easier way to get to the Super Bowl with the right groundwork in place and this week the Arizona Cardinals can start to lay the foundation.

As we reach the final four games of the season, teams will start to clinch. Some teams, like Carolina, only need to win this week to get a first round bye (guaranteed 1st or 2nd seed in the NFC), other teams need to win and need some help to propel themselves where they need to be.

For Arizona three things are on our mind, clinch a playoff spot, clinch the NFC West, clinch the first round bye (most likely the 2nd seed unless Carolina really trips up).

Playoff Spot

If the Cardinals win on Thursday Night Football tomorrow, they will clinch a playoff spot (wild card or division). If the Cardinals are unable to beat the Vikings they can also clinch a spot with a combination of Tampa Bay and Atlanta either both losing or tying.

Finally, the Cardinals can clinch if Tampa Bay losses or ties and Green Bay wins or ties.

NFC West Championship

The Cardinals can win the NFC West with a simple equation, win and a Seattle Seahawk loss or tie. The Cardinals can also tie the Vikings on Thursday Night Football and have Seattle lose to shore up the division.

First Round Bye

No scenarios exist yet for the Cardinals to guarantee a first round bye, the team has a two game lead on Green Bay and Minnesota for the spot.

Arizona is one of five teams who can clinch spots this week, Carolina has already secured the NFC South but has yet to secure the bye. The other teams are Denver, New England and Cincinnati.

Not to get too ahead of ourselves, but there is still a lot of football to play in the next four weeks, two prime time games, a short week this week and a murder row of Green Bay and Seattle to close out the season. The Cardinals will prove who they are in December.