Arizona Cardinals just the next team to face Thursday Night Football


The Arizona Cardinals host the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday Night Football

Every team plays in one.  It usually means a short week for two teams but then an extra break going into the following week.  Now, it’s the Arizona Cardinals turn.  They play their first and only Thursday game of the 2015 season against the Minnesota Vikings tomorrow night.

A lot of people don’t care for the Thursday night games no matter who is playing.  As far as I’m concerned as a fan, bring it on.  It’s NFL football and it is king.

Of course if given the choice, I’d rather see the Cardinals get a full week of rest between games and a full week of practice in.  However there is no sense in complaining about it, even if didn’t like Thursday games.  For one, they aren’t going anywhere.  The NFL loves them.  Secondly, I’m game for the Cardinals anytime.

Last season the Cardinals played their Thursday night game in December too.  That one was a 12-6 victory over the St. Louis Rams with Drew Stanton at quarterback since Carson Palmer was out for the season by that point.

This one will be a much different outcome.  Not necessarily with the Cardinals winning part of it, although we all hope that’s the case, but with the Cardinals doing more than settling for four field goals.

The biggest issue is preparation.  The Cardinals had to practice Monday and Tuesday this week after a victory in St. Louis on Sunday.  They have less than four days of preparation for the 8-4 Vikings.  Thankfully this one will be played at home.

No doubt the Thursday night games are tougher for the road teams, although so far the road team has won eight of the 15 Thursday games this season.  A lot of that had to do with matchups but usually the tougher play is for the road team with having to practice and travel the day before on Wednesday.

Both teams should be ready Thursday night.  You just worry about injury but players can’t fear them.  Just go out and play.  For the fans, enjoy it.  It may not be Sunday but they all count the same.