Arizona Cardinals look to lock up second seed


The Arizona Cardinals face the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday Night Football this Sunday

The Arizona Cardinals went back to work on Monday getting ready for their next opponent, the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night.  The Cardinals will be back on the practice field on Wednesday.  They will be attempting to secure their seeding the NFC playoffs.

The Cardinals can finish anywhere from the first seed to the fifth seed.  However they can secure a second seed on Sunday night.

The Cardinals are faced with needing a win over Philadelphia and a loss by the Green Bay Packers to secure the second seed.  If the Cardinals win and the Packers win on Sunday, then the Cardinals will have won the NFC West but not secured the second seed.

If the Seattle Seahawks lose on Sunday, which to be honest, I do not see happening, then they would also help the Cardinals clinch the NFC West.  The Seahawks play the Cleveland Browns on Sunday at home.

It would behoove the Cardinals to just take care of their own business.  Just keep winning.  Beating Philadelphia this week and then Green Bay on December 27th would certainly take care of the both issues, second seed and the division.

It seems unlikely the Cardinals will reach the number one seed.  For that to happen the Carolina Panthers would need to lose at least two of their final three games and the Cardinals would need to likely win out.  The two teams do not play each other in the regular season this year.

For now, the Cardinals only worry about themselves because that is all they can control.  One week at a time.  If they take care of Philadelphia, which now is not a gimme given the last couple of weeks performances by the Eagles, then other things will start falling into place.